Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My kind of expedition

Not too long ago I bought myself a single bottle of Bell's Expedition Stout. At $20/6-pack it was out of my self-stipulated price range for a beer I've never tried, but I was willing to cough up $3.50 for a single. I wish I had purchased a case. It is a phenomenal beer.

It was probably the darkest beer I've seen; it was almost black in the glass. It had a really distinct coffee aroma on the pour, and there was next to no foam. The first thing I tasted was a hint of coffee, then a little bit of chocolate flavor, and then the aftertaste was almost like caramel. All of this was the undertone for the very good, strong roasted flavor you expect from a stout. It was also unbelievably smooth for a beer with a 10.5% alcohol content.

I don't normally drink stouts or porters in the summertime; I usually opt for more hoppy beers when the weather is hot, but this is one stout I would drink in the middle of the desert.

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